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1. PviUT v1.2_annotated-20110126.fas

2. AP13 Isotigs.contigs-JGI Newbler df-454 and Sanger.fasta

3. AP13 Isotigs.contigs-JGI Newbler df-454 only.fasta

4. AP13 isotig.contigs--UGA Newbler100-99.454 and Sanger1-2.fna

5. AP13 isotigs.contigs-UGA Newbler ml100-mi99-454 only.fna

6. AP13 contigs-UGA MIRA-454 only.fasta

7. AP13 isotigs-UGA Newbler-isotigs454 then Sanger.fna

8. AP13 isotigs-UGA Newbler-isotigs454 then Sanger then PaviGI.fna

9. AP13 contigs.singlets-UGA TGICL-isotig454 then Sanger.txt

10. AP13 contigs.singlets-UGA TGICL-isotig454 then Sanger then PaviGI.txt

13. VS16 Isotig.contig-JGI Newbler df-454 only.fasta

14. Kanlow-PaviGI unigene-052909.fasta

15. Switchgrass Target Sequences

Switchgrass Affymetrix Chip Probe Sequences

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